The Importance of Native Title

Native title goes to the core of Aboriginal identity, and it has the potential to be one of the key instruments of nation building. Native title has already succeeded in re-aligning race relations in Australia, but there needs to be far greater imagination in resolving the backlog of claims if the possibilities of native title are to be realized.

Understood rightly, native title recognizes the distinctiveness of cultural rights and provides Indigenous people with opportunities to participate in the mainstream national culture and economy. Expediting the resolution of native title is both the right thing to do and the effective thing to do.

The National Native Title Council (NNTC) exists to maximise the contribution of native title to achieving and improving the economic, social and cultural participation of Indigenous people.

NNTC is an alliance of Native Title Representative Bodies and Native Title Service Providers (NTRBs/NTSPs) from around Australia. Its objects include providing a national voice for NTRBs/NTSPs on matters of national significance affecting the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to protect and maintain ownership of land. More...

Research Tender

The NNTC, on behalf of the National Cultural Flows Planning and Research Committee, is seeking tenders for a team of researchers to complete Component One of the National Cultural Flows Research Project.

The Tender is now closed.