PBC Futures – Stage 2

Prescribed Bodies Corporate (PBCs) are the representative corporation of native title holders who hold legal rights and interests to almost 50 percent of Australia’s land and waters. PBCs are the future of Australia: they drive economic, environmental, and cultural growth of regional and remote Australia.

Stage 2 of the PBC Futures project involves working closely with PBCs and Commonwealth and State Governments to improve funding opportunities to the native title sector and support capacity development. The PBC Futures – Stage 2 project will develop options in response to Recommendations 7 in the Juukan Gorge Inquiry:

7.120 The Committee recommends that the Australian Government establish an independent fund to administer funding for prescribed body corporates (PBCs) under the Native Title Act 1999.

7.121 Revenue for this fund should come from all Australian governments and proponents negotiating with PBCs.

This recommendation is consistent with calls from the native title sector over the past 15 years.

PBC Futures – Stage 2 has five focus areas:

  1. Improving access for PBCs to existing funding programs.
  2. Ensuring governments adhere to best practice engagement with Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) including remuneration.
  3. Educating governments and the public about native title and the success and value of PBCs.
  4. Developing new sector funding options for PBCs that align with Recommendation 7 from the Juukan Gorge Inquiry.
  5. Exploring options for the management of native title monies.

This project is under the leadership of the NNTC board and the PBC Steering Group.

The PBC Futures – Stage 2 has been developed from the recommendations of the PBC Futures – Stage 1 report and commenced in June 2023.

For further information about the PBC Futures project, please contact Clinton Benjamin on E: clinton.benjamin@nntc.com.au