Policy Impact

To ensure the greatest policy impact and success on behalf of NNTC members, we partner with groups that share our strategic goals and collaborate on initiatives that address key policy issues. Some examples of collaborative participation are:

  • Working with Minerals Council of Australia to advance issues of shared concern such as the work-ability of the Native Title Act and the development of effective transparent financial structures that will ensure maximum benefit to Traditional Owners arising from land access payments
  • Working with AIATSIS to facilitate the development of relevant, accessible research to the benefit of Traditional Owners and their organisations
  • Collaborating with Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet to deliver a series of PBC Forums in Melbourne, Perth, Port Hedland, Brisbane and Cairns to share information on funding, training and support for PBCs and update attendees on changes in legislation and policies affecting PBCs
  • Partnering with groups such as Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation to develop broad based support for necessary native title reforms
  • Engaging with politicians from all major political parties (LNP, ALP and Greens) through regular visits to Parliament as well as engaging directly with key ministers responsible for aspects of native title e.g. Attorney General, Minister for Indigenous Affairs
  • Hosting policy related conferences e.g. native title and economic that greater collaboration with local government and capacity building for PBCs with government, members of industry, and the public sector
  • Establishing cross sectional groups such as the Native Title Payments Working Group with members from PBCs, corporate sector, universities, and government to analyse issues such as taxation reforms for PBCs
  • Developing policy papers and submissions in response to calls from government for input on matters such as amending the Native Title Act, support for PBCs, review of the CATSI Act etc
  • Undertake research on the barriers and opportunities PBCs face when seeking to develop their native title economically; and to legal and policy issues impacting on native title