NNTC Welcomes New Tribunal President

The National Native Title Council (NNTC), Australia’s peak body for regional and local native title organisations, welcomed the recent appointment of the President of National Native Title Tribunal, the Honourable Justice John Dowsett AM for the next five years.

NNTC Chair, Mr Jamie Lowe, said “Justice Dowsett is well known across the native title sector, particularly in Queensland and will bring much knowledge and experience to the role of President.

“We look forward to developing a strong working relationship with Justice Dowsett and believe that his expertise will ensure a good understanding of the aspirations of Traditional Owners across the country and can assist in ensuring their rights and interests can be met”.

The NNTC also paid tribute to the outgoing Tribunal President, Ms Raelene Webb QC. “Ms Webb’s contribution to the native title sector has been significant,” said Mr Lowe. “Ms Webb has played a valuable role in bringing the key players in the sector together, from Government to Native Title Representative Bodies and Service Providers as well as native title holders.

“In bringing everyone to the table, Ms Webb has helped us all focus on some of the key issues being faced by the rapidly emerging cohort of Prescribed Bodies Corporate across Australia and we hope this focus will continue with Justice Dowsett”.

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