Yamatji Nation Indigenous Land Use Agreement registered

Last week the Yamatji Nation Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) was registered – a huge step for Aboriginal self-determination in the mid-west of Western Australia.

The Yamatji Nation ILUA is one of the most significant native title agreements in Australia. Under the agreement, half a billion dollars in benefits will be released to native title holders across the region, supporting the social and economic wellbeing of current and future generations.

National Native Title Council Chief Executive Jamie Lowe stated:

“We’d like to congratulate the Yamatji Nation Traditional Owners who’ve worked so hard to bring this agreement to life. The Yamatji Nation ILUA will ensure Traditional Owners share in the benefits of economic development happening on their lands, and secure financial independence for their communities.”

“This is also an outcome of the McGowan Government’s commitment to resolving native title claims across WA and supporting Aboriginal self-determination. We’d like to thank the Premier, and particularly Minister Ben Wyatt, for the leadership they’ve shown in the native title space.”

“Self-determination is about self-governing, and having tangible policies that empower a people to govern their own lives and their own futures. Agreements such as the one negotiated by Yamatji Nation are a step towards this. They’re a step towards closing the gap, having a strong voice and having the resources to protect and manage their own lands.”

The Yamatji Nation ILUA includes funding for business development, tourism opportunities, the transfer of commercial land, access to housing for sale or lease, along with revenue streams from mining and other industries.


For more information please contact Megan Giles: megan.giles@nntc.com.au or 0433 028 567

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