Investment in Indigenous Entrepreneurship

The National Native Title Council (NNTC) applauds the Coalitions policy commitment to further develop the Indigenous business sector across Australia.


NNTC CEO Glen Kelly said the significant dollar investment for Indigenous entrepreneurs will assist Indigenous people to develop solid business opportunities in their regions and create jobs for communities across the country.


“The Coalition’s investment will build on the significant employment opportunities that have already been created through the negotiation of native title agreements across Australia, particularly with industry,” said Mr Kelly.


Organisations within the Indigenous Native Title Sector have been working hard for many years to develop a solid relationship with some of the large industry operators in Australia and that has resulted in strong economic growth for some of the more remote Indigenous communities.


Mr Kelly said the commitment announced today will help solidify that base as well as provide opportunities for new and emerging Indigenous businesses.


“Investing in Indigenous communities to assist in developing their own business ideas, using their cultural competitive advantage, will go a long way to ending the employment disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.


“Traditional Owners have significant land assets across the country and communities are looking for long-term investment to not only develop those assets but provide for their future generations,” said Mr Kelly. “Native title has provided a strong foundation for Indigenous people to leverage investment for economic wealth creation.


“The Government’s Indigenous Entrepreneurs package along with their Indigenous Procurement Policy will help Indigenous communities achieve their aspirations for their communities now and into the future.”

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