Our strategic plan

According to our 2010-2012 Strategic Plan, the Vision of the NNTC is:

“To effect positive change in the resolution of native title”


The Mission of the NNTC is:

“To maximise the contribution of native title to achieving and improving the economic, social and cultural participation of indigenous peoples”



The NNTC’s core Values include:

  • Fostering a new approach to the settlement of native title through negotiated # frameworks;
  • Fostering effective engagement that strengthens and supports communities;
  • Respect and support for the autonomy and rights of native title groups;
  • Collaborative partnerships with government, representative bodies, and # traditional owners;
  • Transparency, accountability and fairness; and
  • Fostering effective native title negotiations to secure economic, social, # environmental and cultural sustainability.


The NNTC carries out its activities under three key headings:

  • Advocacy and Engagement;
  • Policy; and
  • Resources and Knowledge.


In 2010 the NNTC established a Policy Unit to facilitate the development of submissions and policy positions on Government reform of the native title system. The Policy Unit brings together the national expertise of NTRBs and NTSPs. The NNTC develops its policy strategy around a combination of expert advisers and staff from within its membership bodies and selected research institutions who have considerable experience in progressing native title either as practitioners or research fellows.The framework consists of NNTC board members being responsible for portfolio areas within the native title field supported by the staff of NNTC and with member bodies allowing their staff to donate their time and expertise in formulating policies.